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Top view at fit sporty healthy woman sit on mat in Paschimottanasana pose, doing breathing

Virtual & Home Studio
Yoga-based Lessons

  • Virtual or in person Pilates and yoga based privates, duets, programs

  • inclusive - for all bodies

  • mindfulness 

  • restorative

  • any age

Practice Anywhere

Practice Anytime

No Fancy Equipment Needed

Watch On Any Device


The Joy of Movement from
the Comfort of Your Home

(or my studio).

What and Why

A Ginkgo Tree represents resiliency, longevity, hope, and peace. Mindful movement can help create a greater sense of these.


Ginkgo Tree Pilates and Yoga was designed for people similar to me who need convenience, low impact, mindful and meaningful movement, regulating the nervous system practices, and an overall gentler or restorative approach to practice self care. 

I have disabilities that inspired me to change the way I work and share my knowledge and love of teaching to an online format, at home! I wanted to be able to teach anyone anywhere with more accessibility for myself and others. I am also offering equipment privates from my home studio.


My classes and lessons are for people who are committed to their health and wellness and need someone safe, someone you can trust, want a challenge and don't want or need a wild cardio, high impact experience. 

I know first hand what it's like to experience chronic pain, feel overwhelmed, and or unmotivated. 

Together we can be our best selves. Together, from our homes, we can feel better.

Movement Heals

Benefits to moving in general are vast. Here are a few!

  • reduces depression​

  • reduces anxiety

  • better sleep

  • boosts immunity

  • strengthens the brain

  • strengthens the heart

  • stonger bones

  • prevention of health issues or maintaining health

  • stronger and more flexible muscles, joints, connective tissues

  • living daily life becomes easier

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” -Joe Pilates- 

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About Me

Bringing smiles to my students’ faces is one of the best parts of my job! The connections we make as people and between teacher and student are vital to our wellbeing and success in our movement practices. Movement is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. It can tell us stories and information about where to go next. For me, teaching and practicing Pilates has played a vital role in building life, stability of mind and body, and staying present. I encourage my students to stay curious as I help guide them to finding a better state of being. My hope is that they will feel better than before our lesson!




"Julia is a senior Pilates instructor with additional training in fascial release. She is excellent in tailoring lessons to your abilities and limitations. She has a good sense of humor, too."


"Julia's deep awareness of how the human body works, while each body is also unique makes her an excellent teacher.  Her attention to detail, flexibility, creativity, humor and kindness make working with her productive and fun.

Five- ten words? OK - insightful, thoughtful, creative, bright, focused, kind.. "


"Creative, never boring, knowledgeable, wonderful balance of seriousness and fun, KIND.  I love that you are willing to experiment, not just with new exercises or modifications of old exercises, but also with your explanations of them."


"I have been a student of Julia for over 8 years. She is an intuitive instructor who continually challenges me to push further in her class. She has helped me to work through physical limitations due to scoliosis. I have been able to lead a full and pain free life as a result of her classes. Words that best describe Julia and her teaching style: Creative, passionate, curious, caring, energetic, informative."


"Julia is an accomplished Pilates teacher and dancer. She is a mover extraordinaire! Her knowledge of how the body moves anatomically and mechanically is complimented by her advanced understanding of how the body's nervous system reacts to stress. Her teaching is holistic, her cues are spot on, and she reminds her students of what they could be feeling and exploring in their body as they move. She also emphasizes that breath is life and helps you find your lungs! I take the fascia stretch and release class and mat class....she will tailor her teaching to your needs. She gets me movin' at home and will keep me movin'...and I am grateful!! Don't wait! Price is right too!!"


"In my experience taking Julia's classes, Julia is very knowledgeable, really pays attention to the needs of the class and modifies as appropriate, has a good eye with good movement analysis skills which you could perhaps attribute to her many years as a dancer, cares a lot about her clients/students performing the exercises with optimal body mechanics, recognizes and honors the differences of each students' body, she's very creative and puts a lot of thought into each class, and probably what I appreciate the most about her is her never-ending curiosity and passion for being a life-long learner! She's an excellent teacher!"


"Here are 10 words, in no particular order, and not in a sentence:

Thoughtful, imagery, inclusive, inventive, patient, supportive, fun, accommodating, knowledgable, welcoming."


"Julia, as a teacher myself, I appreciate your style and technique. The atmosphere is open, welcoming, and comfortable. I believe this is important in any learning situation. You ask questions, check in with each student, and continually evaluate their needs. Cueing and any needed explanation is logical and demonstrated if necessary. The class continues at a steady, self competitive pace. It is a pleasure to practice pilates with you."


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